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Watch this video and more on MAYHEM NATION TV

Watch this video and more on MAYHEM NATION TV

Up Next in Mayhem Minimal (August 31, 2020 to September 5, 2020)

  • Thor

    *This is a long time domain. Go out at a consistent pace, aiming for 80% of your max pace throughout!
    *Strict handstand push ups are ideally done in 2-3 sets throughout.
    *If you are unable to do strict handstand push ups, sub kipping handstand push ups or hand release...

  • Hawkeye

    *Use a hard pace on the step back lunges, but don't short change the range of motion!
    *The first set of 4 burpees is at 0:00, then each minute on the minute complete 4 more.
    *Stay tough on this one! It's going to burn!

  • Iron Man

    *This is an EMOM, which means every minute on the minute. Once you complete the reps for that minute, rest until the next whole minute.
    *You can hold the dumbbell on your shoulder or down by your hip for the single dumbbell box step ups.
    *Aim for full range of motion ...